Amorah Quan Yin om Gudinnan Antares

Om Amorah Quan Yin och mysterieskolan Dolphin Star Temple, Mt Shasta, CA, USA

Amorah Quan Yin var en fantastisk lärare och healer och utan hennes stöd och hjälp hade jag säkert inte varit där jag är idag. Hon var min mentor och lärare både när det gäller min andliga utveckling och min utveckling som healer. Det var också hon som uppmuntrade mig att börja undervisa. Det mesta av mitt healing arbete har sedan dess haft hennes metod som grund  – Pleiadian Lightwork. Amorah bodde i Mt Shasta, Californien. Hon gick bort 2013.

Det var under en av de dagliga morgonmeditationerna på en av hennes kurser som jag första gången hörde namnet Goddess Antares. Då hade jag ingen aning om vad hon skulle komma att betyda, vare sig för mig eller för planeten. Inte heller visste jag hur jag och Goddess Antares var relaterade till varandra.

Amorah har i sina samligar en underbar beskrivning/meditation kring Goddess Antares som jag gärna vill förmedla.




            “This chapter is a transcript of a process and teaching that came through during a Pleiadian Lightwork Intensive in February 1999. During the morning meditation, the Goddess Antares came into the group to blend with us and give an activation. She is a member of the Dolphin Star Temple Higher Council. Bringing her energy through for the group was unusual in that she does not channel messages, just an energy state of feminine surrender to Divine Flow—a very exquisite state of pure beingness devoid of agendas and mental interpretation. And her energy is exquisite to say the least. When her half hour blending with the group was complete, I was in a deep state of my own Divine Goddess consciousness and delivered a teaching and energy transmission for the group from that state. My hope is that by leaving the transcript as near its original state as possible that you might be able to experience the energy transmission as well.”

Following is the guided meditation and Goddess Antares connection:

”I am going to invite a member of the Dolphin Star Temple Higher Council with whom I would like you to become acquainted. She has never actually talked to me. She just holds this incredibly sweet, loving, feminine presence and seems to lend her assistance in times of surrender and letting go. She calls herself the Goddess Antares. She is from the Antares star system, and I acknowledge I know absolutely nothing about that system other than my acquaintance this one being who is part of our council. She holds this incredible presence of just being. How can I explain it? What is funny is that even now, she is not saying words, but is impulsing me with energy. So the words I would put to the energy she is sending right now are that she holds the energy of loving surrender to Divine Flow. Let us together ask her to come hold us within her field of consciousness. She is a very large being, and can certainly hold this room within her light-body very easily. Let us ask her to come all the way through now and to just hold us in her loving presence impulse us with her love. Breathe deeply as you welcome her to blend with the room and with your own auric field. Relax into feeling that quality of total feminine beingness in surrender and flow…. Just breathe and let the transmission move through you…

When she communicates, it is through transmitting energy states. What is happening right now is my Higher Self is beginning to interpret her energy transmissions into words. She says, “I am here to assist you into coming home to yourself; to help you learn to be at home with yourself; to just relax. Just simply become aware of the agendas that keep you from ever deeply feeling that relaxed state of at-homeness. My energy is that of simplicity, of letting go of the complexities of the mind that interfere with the simple naturalness of being. Returning to flow is very simple. It is simply being at home with yourself, by letting it be simple.

Goddess Antares is inviting you to feel something that some people never feel in their entire lives. It has to do with being in a state of pure presence and feeling without any words in your mind defining that state. What does it mean to just be, with no mental interpretation? She is asking you to just let go of having any need to have interpretation of her energy, and to just experience it. She says for some of you the closest you can come to that experience is the final letting go into sleep.

Breathe in through your heart, gently and deeply, as if you were breathing in the sunlight on a warm day. Allow the energy to come into you the way sunlight does. If there are places in your body or your mind that are still holding on, see if you can just welcome that loving, simple, divine energy to penetrate that part of you until you can move into the purity of experience free of mental agendas. Often I get a pressure in my forehead from having trouble letting go of my mind. If that happens for you, breathe into your forehead, or into your jaw, your back, anyplace that you feel you are still having difficulty letting go into just being. Breathe and ask the Goddess Antares to send her love and her simple Divine Flow into that part of your body in need of assistance in letting go. Stay in that place and continue to breathe…”

5. Guidad meditation

Bara Källan/Gud är. Gå in i tystnaden mellan dina tankar och meditera över begreppet ”bara Källan är”. Källan är utgångspunkten. Oändligt medvetande. Källan är den

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